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This is a guide to online multiplayer first person shooters. Games that have a single player mode may be featured here, but only the multiplayer aspects of the game will be covered.

This guide is aimed at every conceivable kind of player: from the curious outsider to the avid gameplayer, from the novice player to the expert. Featured here are games that are chosen not only for their popularity but for their diversity -- a variety of games are selected for inclusion here. Most importantly, of course, games are chosen for their gameplay: You'll only find the best of the best here.


Basics >>>

To start off, here is an introduction to the common elements of all first person shooters. Learn about the elements of playing tips, etiquette, and a general glossary.

Quake III Arena >>>

[q3a/meta/main] Learn all about id Software's latest installment in their ever-popular Quake series, including its outstanding mission pack, Quake III: Team Arena. See rundowns of the game types, the environment you'll being playing in, the weapons you'll grow accustom to using, the powerups you'll need to boost your abilities, the awards you can receive during play, the maps you'll be playing on, playing tips, and etiquette.

Counter-Strike >>>

[cs/meta/main] Updated for 1.6/Condition Zero! Welcome to Valve's extremely popular Half-Life mod -- often cited as the most played online game in existence. Start by learning about the game types, then how money manageent works, and then become familiar with the variety of weapons and equipment available to you. Check out the maps, and round out your visit with an exploration of tips and etiquette.

Aliens vs. Predator 2 >>>

[avp2/meta/main] Frighten and scare your enemy into submission in Monolith's well-received sequel to the Aliens vs. Predator franchise; also included is information on the mission pack, Alien vs. Predator 2: Primal Hunt. First, meet the species -- Alien, human, and Predator -- then read about the game types. Explore the maps, and then complete your journey with some tips and etiquette.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein >>>

[rtcw/meta/main] Nerve's outstanding multiplayer sequel to one of the original first person shooters, Wolfenstein 3D, is a refreshing addition to the genre. First, an introduction to the game types, followed by the most distinguishing feature of Return to Castle Wolfenstein: the player classes. Then examine the weapons and equipment that the player needs to meet his goals. Wrap up your visit with the maps and, finally, tips and etiquette.

Unreal Tournament 2003 >>>

[ut2k3/meta/main] Epic's long-awaited sequel to their smash hit Unreal Tournament has arrived. Start with the game types and mutators, then move on the weapons and powerups, the understanding of both of which is essential to mastery. Then visit an overview of the maps and tricks (including adrenaline codes).

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