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Counter-Strike, the outstandingly popular Half-Life mod, is something of an anomaly in the gaming industry. It is frequently said that the number of running Counter-Strike servers outnumber all other online multiplayer first person shooters combined. It is certainly the case that Counter-Strike (developed independently and then subsumed into Valve, the creators of Half-Life itself) is extremely popular.

Counter-Strike concentrates on fairly realistic weapons and damage, and objective-oriented, team-based play. In each game type, one team must accomplish some specific objective (such as destroying a bomb site or rescuing hostages), and the other team must oppose them. These descriptions tips cover all aspects of Counter-Strike player, and are suited to all levels of players, from novices to experts.

Types >>>

The rules for the different game types.

Money management >>>

Money management is the key to victory.

Weapons >>>

Knowing your weapons is essential.

Equipment >>>

Equipment will keep you in the fight longer.

Maps >>>

Become familiar with the standard maps you'll be playing on.

Tips >>>

Playing tips.

Etiquette >>>

Play and be welcomed back.

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