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as_highrise: High Rise

[cs/maps/as_highrise] The rescue point is on the roof on a helicopter pad. Counter-Terrorists (and the VIP) start deep inside the building. They can exit to the roof either via a well-covered staircase, via a passage between two buildings, or by climbing ropes to the top of a glass ceiling. Terrorists have several vantage points from which to snipe the escaping Counter-Terrorists.

as_oilrig: Oilrig

[cs/maps/as_oilrig] Counter-Terrorists start deep inside the oilrig; the Terrorists start on the upper layers, and the rescue point is a helipad with a waiting chopper. There are two main ways up through the maze of tunnels underneath; one involves a catwalk, and the other involves a staircase on roughly opposite sides of the oilrig. The Terrorists have numerous vantage points, including a high sniper area with full sight of the rescue point.

as_tundra: Tundra

[cs/maps/as_tundra] A relatively large area divided roughly into three areas -- the Terrorist spawn point with a base and the rescue points, the Counter-Terrorist spawn point with a solitary building, and a middle area with a building. There are two rescue points: one by a helipad and the other is an APC in front of the Terrorist spawn point building. In addition to the basic left-right passages, there is an also underground passage that is interconnected throughout all three areas. The helipad rescue point is accessible via the low ground and the tunnel; the APC point is accessible via low ground and a high ground, a small ramp next to the middle building.

Hostage rescue

cs_747: 474 Hijack

[cs/maps/cs_747] This centers around a landed airplane where hostages have been taken. Counter-Terrorists start out in the airport terminal; Terrorists start out in the plane itself. Hostages are in the middle cabin, the rear of the plane, and in the cockpit (upstairs). Counter-Terrorists can make entry either through the terminal passage at the fore of the plane, or via the cargo and avionics area underneath, or through the cockpit (by shattering the glass).

cs_assault: Assault

[cs/maps/cs_assault] This is one of the most popular maps; it is small and simple, but very entertaining. Counter-Terrorists start outside of a house; Terrorist start inside, and four hostages are located behind some doors on the upper level. Counter-Terrorists can make their way into the building either via the vent on the roof, through the main entryway, or through a side door.

cs_arabstreets: Arab Streets

[cs/maps/cs_arabstreets] Introduced in 1.3. The Terrorists are holding some hostages in a chemical plant in a small Arabian town; the plant can be breached through a window, a door, and a warehouse garage entryway. The Counter-Terrorists start on the other side of the map, near a small trough.

cs_backalley: Alleyway

[cs/maps/cs_backalley] This map is a maze of alleyways and passages through shallow buildings. The Terrorists hold the hostages on the upper levels of the far building; the Counter-Terrorists must make their way there. There are several balconies and alleys involved, and numerous positions where crossfires can occur.

cs_estate: Zaphod's Estate

[cs/maps/cs_estate] This is your basic assault on a building; the Counter-Terrorists start outside, beyond a short wall; the Terrorists are holed up inside the building, guarding the hostages (on the second floor and in the basement). There are several means of entry into the building: the main door (which is easily defended from the second floor in the foyer), first-floor windows on the side and back, and a second-floor entry reached by a ladder. Finally, there is an underground passage, leading from the right side of the Counter-Terrorist spawn point, through some under construction area, ultimately into the basement of the building (where a few hostages are located).

cs_havana: Havana

[cs/maps/cs_havana] Introduced in 1.4. An indoor map with hostages located near a window.

cs_italy: Italy

[cs/maps/cs_italy] Terrorists start with the hostages in a small building; Counter-Terrorists start at the far end of the map. There are three main ways to the map: the direct route, through a tunnel with obvious sniper potential for the Terrorists; a side route that involves jumping on boxes and walking through the buildings to emerge on the upper level around the corner from the Terrorist building; and finally, the low route which involves bypassing the tunnel to use a staircase to the right of the tunnel, also covered by snipers within the building.

cs_militia: Militia

[cs/maps/cs_militia] Terrorist start in a building with the hostages downstairs in the garage; Counter-Terrorists start in an alcove on the opposite side. This map is relatively small, but is well-connected: A sewer system connects the entire map both above and below. Counter-Terrorists can make their way toward the building either via the front entrance which is covered by windows, or via the rear entrance through the tunnels (there are two exit points on the opposite side of the building), which is covered by the roof.

cs_office: Office Complex

[cs/maps/cs_office] Terrorists start in the back office with the hostages; Counter-Terrorists can breach the office either by a window or a nearby door and staircase, or by a window a little further down, or by a large window in the back by making their way around the side of the building.

cs_siege: Canyon Siege

[cs/maps/cs_siege] Terrorists have the hostages contained within a complex with automatic doors. Counter-Terrorists start at the end of a long canyon which, on approach to the complex, makes them easy pickings for sniper fire. Also included from the Counter-Terrorist spawn point is a walkway down into the canyon where they can follow a passage that leads to an elevator to an intermediate building in the main walkway; a sewer passage also connects the garage of the complex to this building.

cs_thunder: Thunder

[cs/maps/cs_thunder] Introduced in 1.3. Terrorists starts in the heart of the complex with a T-shaped structure with hostages; Counter-Terrorists start on the far side of the complex with two main avenues of approach: a direct passage that splits in two and rejoins just before the main entry directly across from the hostages, and a side, two-level passage that goes over a dam to come around the back side of the Terrorists' area. The Terrorists have a staircase and a high ground that winds around eventually connects with the dam area; in addition there is ductwork that can be traversed from the heart of the Terrorists' den to the upper dam area. A little known fact is that the monitors on the T-shaped structure work; walk up to them and use them.


de_aztec: Aztec

[cs/maps/de_aztec] A fairly large level, with a bomb site located at the Counter-Terrorist spawn point. There are numerous rooms separated by doorways, and the outside area which has two levels: the top area where the players start and a lower area with a green aqueduct. Also of particular note is lightning bolts that occasionally strike the bomb site; these will instantly kill anyone standing at that location.

de_chateau: Chateau

[cs/maps/de_chateau] Introduced in 1.4. A medium sized map.

de_cbble: Cobble

[cs/maps/de_cbble] Cobble is a rather large map, with numerous open areas connected by shallow buildings. The area is highly interconnected, and there are even a few sniping points inside some of the buildings. Of particular note is the final push toward the bomb site, where the main push is through a low area underneath a building and through some conspicuous doors.

de_dust: Dust

[cs/maps/de_dust] This is a relatively simple map: There are two bomb sites that the Counter-Terrorists must defend; one is at the spawn point, and the other is straight ahead and through a door on the right. Terrorists start on the opposite side of the map; the main area of contention is the middle building that the Terrorists must penetrate to reach the two bomb sites directly. There is also another option for the Terrorists: they can go around the back and under an overhang and end up to the left of where the Counter-Terrorists first spawn. There is also a side passage around the left of the Counter-Terrorist spawn will provide cover for this alternate entryway.

de_dust2: Dust II

[cs/maps/de_dust2] Introduced in 1.3. This map is in effect a larger version of Dust, but it lacks a totally similar layout. It is larger, and more highly interconnected, than its inspiration, although it looks very much the same. As with Dust, there are two bomb sites, each flanking the Counter-Terrorist spawn.

de_foption: Final Option

[cs/maps/de_foption] The centerpiece of this map is a missile preparing for launch, where the bomb site is located. Counter-Terrorist start outside a round door near the missile silo, and must stop the Terrorists, who start on the other side of the launch bay.

de_inferno: Inferno

[cs/maps/de_inferno] Counter-Terrorists have to defend two bomb sites, one to the left and one to the right. Terrorists have to approach the Counter-Terrorists via three main areas: up the middle, where most of the conflicts take place; around the left side, which leads to the left bomb site; and to the right, which reconnects back with the middle path but only after coming under fire from a Counter-Terrorist sniping point inside a building.

de_nuke: Nuke

[cs/maps/de_nuke] Consisting of an open area punctuated with buildings, there are two bomb sites on this map: One in each of two buildings (and one of those underground). Both teams can exploit substantial cover; Counter-Terrorists have several sniping areas on the top floor or roofs of buildings to take advantage of. The underground bomb site also affords the Counter-Terrorists sniping areas directly above.

de_piranesi: Piranesi

[cs/maps/de_piranesi] Introduced in 1.5. A fairly large map, located in a museum. The bomb site is near the orrery.

de_prodigy: Prodigy

[cs/maps/de_prodigy] A large map, with two bomb sites: One right at the Counter-Terrorist spawn point, in a side room, and the other in a computer area on the other side of the complex. Terrorists have two main approaches: around a dam, or through an enclosed area and some doors; enemy contact usually takes place at one or both of these areas, roughly simultaneously. There is also some ductwork that the Counter-Terrorists can exploit which their spawn point (via a ladder) to the dam area and the computer room.

de_rotterdam: Rotterdam Docks

[cs/maps/de_rotterdam] Introduced in 1.3. An assault on an industrial train terminal at night. There are two main levels: high and low, affording numerous points for sniping and setting up a crossfire.

de_storm: Storm

[cs/maps/de_storm] Introduced in 1.3. This map has three large areas, highly interconnected by passages. There are two bomb sites -- one located at the Counter-Terrorist spawn, and the other below. The Terrorists start on the other side of the map, roughly equidistant from both sites.

de_train: Trainyard

[cs/maps/de_train] There are two areas with trains; in each there is one bomb site. Counter-Terrorist start in the far one, and Terrorists start outside the warehouse. Terrorists can either make their way through the middle (open) train area to the first bomb site, or sidestep it via the warehouse to reach the further bomb site.

de_vegas: Vegas

[cs/maps/de_vegas] This is a large map, with two bomb sites -- one in an open courtyard area in an Egyptian statue, and the other inside a money-counting room inside the building. Counter-Terrorists start near the first bomb site; Terrorists start on the roof of the building, and can either make their way down and through a side passage to reach the first bomb site via high level (there is a catwalk they must traverse and be exposed), or directly through the main complex to reach the second bomb site (a passage also continues from there on to the first).

de_vertigo: Vertigo

[cs/maps/de_vertigo] A small, bilevel map, set on the top levels of a skyscraper still under construction. The main area where conflicts usually occur is a wide expanse which connects the two levels with a ramp.

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