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The Quake series of games, by id Software, is perhaps the purest of all first-person shooters. Starting with Doom, graduating to Quake, sidestepping to Quake II and its excellent single player experience, and finally culminating in Quake III Arena in 1999, id Software's creations have been played the world around. No guide to first-person shooters would be complete without a large section devoted to Quake III Arena.

Also detailed in these pages is Quake III: Team Arena, the mission pack to Quake III Arena. Quake III: Team Arena adds so much to the original that it almost qualifies as a unique game in its own right, but since they share so much in common the mission pack's additions are merely included here.

Types >>>

Descriptions of the different game types.

Environment >>>

Familiarize yourself with the obstacles and objects you'll encounter in the Arena.

Weapons >>>

A warrior cannot be effective without being familiar with his weapons.

Powerups >>>

Powerups will keep you in the fight longer.

Awards >>>

The various awards you can receive during play.

Maps >>>

Short descriptions of the arenas you'll play in: both the standard maps and the Team Arena maps.

Tips >>>

Playing tips for Quake III Arena.

Etiquette >>>

How to play and be welcomed back.

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