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Basic awards


[q3a/awards/accuracy] In single player, one receives an accuracy award if at the end of a map one's hit to miss ratio is greater than 50%. The award is not used in multiplayer.


[q3a/awards/excellent] Fragging two opponents in two seconds will gain you the excellent award, accompanied with the "Excellent" or "Two frags in two seconds, excellent" voiceovers..


[q3a/awards/gauntlet] Fragging an opponent with the gauntlet weapon will result in the "Humiliation" voiceover and a gauntlet award.


[q3a/awards/impressive] Two consecutive hits with the railgun will get you an "Impressive" voiceover and an award.

Team awards


[q3a/awards/assist] You can get an assist award when your team scores a capture if you returned your own flag, facilitating your team's capture, or by carrying the flag part-way before getting fragged.


[q3a/awards/defense] You can get a defense award by fragging enemies near your own base, or those near your own flag carrier.


[q3a/awards/captures] You get a capture award when you successfully achieve your team's objective, whether that be bringing the enemy flag to your base, the white flag to the enemy base, skulls to the enemy skull receptacle, or by destroying the enemy's obelisk.

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