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Basic team maps
The team maps in Quake III: Team Arena are designed to support all the different play types (except Tournament). These typically contain team powerups.

MPTEAM1: Base Siege (Team Arena)

[q3a/maps/mpteam1] A basic level with three rooms: one for each base, and a center area.

MPTEAM2: Fallout Bunker (Team Arena)

[q3a/maps/mpteam2] This contains three rooms above ground -- one in the middle and two on either side surrounded by ramps -- and an underground complex with bounce pads that connects everything above.

MPTEAM3: Inner Sanctums (Team Arena)

[q3a/maps/mpteam3] This was the map that shipped with the Team Arena demo. It's a bilevel affair, with the base flags located on the high ground and the center area in the low ground with a connecting acceleration pad as a ramp above.

MPTEAM4: Scornforge (Team Arena)

[q3a/maps/mpteam4] A fairly large arena, with large buffer zones between each base; first is an underground passage (symmetric on both sides), followed by a central two-level area in the middle. The center of the map is on the lower level in the middle; above it is a multipurpose powerup spawn which includes a personal teleporter. A hidden feature of this map is that the personal teleporter takes you to an isolated section of the map with a BFG and two teleporters returning you to the map proper.

MPTEAM5: Teamwerkz (Team Arena)

[q3a/maps/mpteam5] A quite large indoor arena, involving multiple maze-like areas connecting the two bases.

MPTEAM6: Vortex Portal (Team Arena)

[q3a/maps/mpteam6] A space arena, with three arenas: each and a central area. All are connected by "vortex portals," which act as teleporters that have a brief transit period where it looks like one is in a wormhole. There are three vortex portals on each base area; the middle portal, accessible via a bounce pad in the middle of the platform, takes you to the central area, but the flanking portals both take you to directly to the enemy's base platform. The central area involves several bounce pads, a portable back to each of the base areas, and an invulernability powerup.

MPTEAM7: Capture Chamber (Team Arena)

[q3a/maps/mpteam7] Another space arena. It consists of several nearly-independent platforms, connected mostly by acceleration pads. Of particular note is the center area, which is suspended above the main platform and only accessible via acceleration pads, and an additional platform directly below each base which contains the team powerups.

MPTEAM8: Assassin's Roost (Team Arena)

[q3a/maps/mpteam8] A truly large arena, this contains an underground complex connecting both sides. Each base is a complex, multilevel area with numerous side passages. At the top of each base is a side room which leads to a "viewing panel," which allows you to remotely (and safely) view what is going on the other side -- it aims at the front of the enemy's base. Two buttons next to the panel allow you to drop the bridge containing the quad damage spawn point, and to fire a barrage of rockts at the top balcony of the enemy base. Finally, there is a large underground and even underwater complex below both bases, which is accessible below the central bridge.

Tournament maps

MPTOURNEY1: The House of Decay (Team Arena)

[q3a/maps/mptourney1] A small tournament map.

MPTOURNEY2: Death Factory (Team Arena)

[q3a/maps/mptourney2] A medium tournament map.

MPTOURNEY3: Temple of Pain (Team Arena)

[q3a/maps/mptourney3] A medium tournament map.

MPTOURNEY4: Evil Playground (Team Arena)

[q3a/maps/mptourney4] A large tournament map.

Terrain maps
The "terrain" maps are very large team maps that facilitate play between large teams.

MPTERRA1: Overdose (Team Arena)

[q3a/maps/mpterra1] A fairly large map in an S-shaped cavern, with the team bases on either end, such that the bases are not in line-of-sight of each other; the bases can be approached from both low and high ground. Roughly halfway to the middle from each base is a sniper watchtower complex, which is accessible from a bounce pad and connects to the high ridge ground. The high ground is along the cavern tops, and is accessible from both the watchtower and from a ramp around the rear side of each base. Crossing over the midpoint is a bridge.

MPTERRA2: Distant Screams (Team Arena)

[q3a/maps/mpterra2] Distant Screams is an absolutely enormous map; it is really too large to play unless there are many people on the server (ten on each team or so). (Fortunately, all Team Arena maps have pointers on the ground indicating the direction to the each base, making it easy to get reoriented.) There are primary bases and secondary bases connected by a passage (with a grenade trap) which goes under a mountain outlying each base. There is a center two-level area with ramps and bounce pads in water, with acceleration pads connecting it to the mainland. There are at least two sniper watchtowers (one overlooking a major juncture, the other overlooking an fjord and the BFG platform). Each primary base are packed full of powerups; secondary bases and watchtowers have a few relevant team powerups.

MPTERRA3: Final Strike (Team Arena)

[q3a/maps/mpterra3] The third installment in the terrain maps is intermediate in size, between MPTERRA1 and MPTERRA2. All play takes place within tight, winding caverns, leading between each base. Just out of range of each base is a watchtower with a railgun, connecting a higher ground area to a lower ground area via a bounce pad; an acceleration pad on top of the base also leads to this upper area. The remainder of the level is all low, usually consisting of two parallel passages connected by occasional cross-links. Finally, there is a back entrance to the base through a narrow passage next to the water area, where the haste powerup can be found. A BFG and ammo is located on the floating platform in the center of the map; it can be accessed by obtaining and using the personal teleporter.

Modifications of original maps
These maps are all variants of maps from the original Quake III Arena, with support for the different team games, as well as (in most cases) the inclusion of team powerups.

MPQ3CTF1: Dueling Keeps 2 (Team Arena)

[q3a/maps/mpq3ctf1] A modification of Q3CTF1, with an underground level connecting the two bases and the pit in the center of the arena.

MPQ3CTF2: More Trouble (Team Arena)

[q3a/maps/mpq3ctf2] A modification of Q3CTF2, with the addition of a second passage connecting the side chambers (where the rocket launcher and water passages are located) of each team's base to the lower level of the center area.

MPQ3CTF3: Return to the Stronghold (Team Arena)

[q3a/maps/mpq3ctf3] A modification of Q3CTF3, the major difference being the addition of a bounce pad that connects the lower and upper levels about halfway from the center to each base.

MPQ3CTF4: Chaos in Space (Team Arena)

[q3a/maps/mpq3ctf4] A straightforward modification of Q3CTF4. The only significant difference here is that the BFG is removed (replaced with a kamikaze) and one team powerup -- guard -- is available at each base.

MPQ3TOURNEY6: Beyond Reality (Team Arena)

[q3a/maps/mpq3tourney6] A retrofit of Q3TOURNEY6 to support team play, but which contains no team powerups. There is one additional change: The side platform which was accessible by the quickly-moving mini-platform, and which contained a mega health and a teleporter in the original Q3TOURNEY6, now contains a quad damage and two acceleration pads. Interestingly, this is the only map in Quake III: Team Arena that contains a quad damage.

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