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Health is what keeps you alive; when your health drops to zero, you die.

Health vial
[ut2k3/powerups/vial] The health vial increases your health by 5 points, up to a maximum of 199.

Health pack
[ut2k3/powerups/health] The health pack, by the far the most common, increases your health by 25 points, up to a maximum of 100.

Keg o' health
[ut2k3/powerups/keg] The keg o' health increases your health by a whopping 100 points, up to a maximum of 199.


When armor is present, some damage is siphoned off into reducing armor instead of health. You can tell when your opponent has armor left, since hitting him with weapons fire will result in his model glowing yellow for a moment and a corresponding buzzing sound.

Shield pack
[ut2k3/powerups/armor] The standard form of the shield pack increases your armor rating by 25 points, up to a maximum of 150.

Super shield pack
[ut2k3/powerups/superarmor] The super shield pack increases your armor by 100 points to the maximum of 150.

Double damage

[ut2k3/powerups/double] When double damage is picked up, your weapon glows pink; for the time it is active, it will do twice the usual amount of damage it normally does.


[ut2k3/powerups/adrenaline] Adrenaline pills, when picked up, give you 5 points toward your adrenaline meter. You also gain adrenaline naturally over the course of a game by fragging opponents. When your meter reaches 100, it can go no higher, and one can enter an adrenaline code in order to gain a special powerup ability.

Ball (Bombing run)

[ut2k3/stuff/ball] In bombing run games, the objective is to collect the ball (the player with the ball has glowing lines around him in the color of his team), take it to the enemy goal, and either launch the ball through the goal (for three points) or jump it through (for seven). When collected, the player's weapon changes to the ball launcher; the player cannot fire another weapon whlie he holds the ball.

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