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Epic Megagames and Digital Extremes updated their Unreal Tournament franchise with Unreal Tournament 2003 in (somewhat confusingly) late 2002. The long-awaited sequel used the revolutionary new Unreal II graphics engine, raising the bar once again for quality and detail for first person shooters.

Although some hardcore fans of the original Unreal Tournament objected to its clear inspiration from Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament 2003's frenetic gameplay, spectacular level design, and faithfulness to the franchise made it an instant and runaway best seller.

Types >>>

The various game types, as well as the mutators which can change the standard behavior of the games.

Weapons >>>

The weapons in all their glory, including all of their alternate fire modes and special abilities.

Powerups >>>

The powerups to help keep you going through the fight.

Maps >>>

Short descriptions of the standard maps you'll be encountering.

Tricks >>>

Unreal Tournament 2003, unlike its predecessor, includes quite a few hidden and semi-hidden tricks and codes that are important to learn. Look here for the inside scoop on the special moves and adrenaline codes.

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