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Game types


[ut2k3/action/combat] Standard deathmatch; it's every man for himself. Kill or be killed.

Team deathmatch

[ut2k3/hud/teammate] Standard team deathmatch. Players in team-based games -- in fact, all games except standard deathmatch -- appear in the appropriate team color (either red or blue), and your teammates have a yellow triangle over their heads, next to their name and current health status, to make them even more distinguishable. Needless to say, watch your fire on servers with friendly fire enabled.

Capture the flag

[ut2k3/stuff/blueflag] Included in Unreal Tournament 2003 is a standard implementation of capture the flag. Both sides have a base which contains a flag corresponding to their color. Each team must collect the other team's flag, and return it to their own base while their own flag is present; doing this scores one point. If the enemy flag carrier is killed, he drops the flag where he died; it can be picked up by another player. If a player touches his own flag, it immediately returns to his base; he need not carry it all the way back. If a flag carrier falls into an instant-death area (e.g., lava or off the edge of the world), the flag is returned. Get the enemy flag, and take it back to your own base.

Double domination

[ut2k3/stuff/neutralcontrol] Double domination is a variant on Unreal Tournament's original domination; instead of three domination points, there are two, and instead of simply racking up the most time in control of the points, one must control both points for a fixed period of time. When one team gains control of both points, a countdown from ten starts; if the other team cannot regain control of one of the points before the countdown ends, the first team scores a point. After a brief delay, the points reset to neutral and the next round starts. Take the control points and hold them.

Bombing run

[ut2k3/stuff/goal] Bombing run is the most innovative of Unreal Tournament 2003's game types; both bases contain a goal, and each team must collect the ball, take it to the enemy base and either throw the ball through the goal or jump it through themselves. Throwing the ball through scores three points, but jumping it through scores seven (although usually the goal is positioned such that jumping the ball through results in that player's death). The ball starts between the two bases. When a player holds a ball, their weapon switches to the ball launcher and they can only throw the ball; they also regenerate slowly while carrying the ball. If the ball (with or without its carrier) gets to an unreachable area, the ball will be reset to its starting position. Throw or jump the ball through the enemy goal.

Standard mutators
Mutators affect gameplay in certain, well-defined ways. Multiple mutators can be selected for play.


When in effect, all weapons and ammunition in the game are turned into one particularly (selectable) type; no other weapons, including the otherwise default shield gun and assault rifle, can be used. The rocket is a common choice for this.


When in effect, the head of a player's model is dependent on their ranking in the game.


In the death animation, the bodies fall as if there were very low gravity even when none of the low gravity mutators are in effect.


All weapon, ammunition, health, and armor spawn points are removed from the map, and all players are equipped with a modified shock rifle with unlimited ammunition. Health and armor become irrelevant; this shock rifle becomes a one-shot, one-kill weapon.


The gravity level is lowered to about a sixth of its usual strength.


The effects of adrenaline are removed from the game. Not only do all the adrenaline pills disappear, but nobody gains adrenaline from fragging enemies, and so everyone's adrenaline meter stays at zero and no one can do adrenaline powerups.


The superweapons -- the ion painter and the redeemer -- are removed from play should they be present on the map.


At any point players can perform a double jump combo by hitting the jump key and then hitting it again at the height of the arc. With this mutator in effect, this can be done an additional two more times in a given maneuver.


All players naturally regenerate health while they are not taking damage.


Corpses go through their final death throes in slow motion.


When this in effect, doing damage to an opponent actually heals you.


As with instagib, but the modified shock rifle's alternate fire is a zooming tool, similar to the alternate fire mode of the lightning rifle.

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