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Here are some largely undocumented maneuvers you can perform.


[ut2k3/action/sidestep] As in Unreal Tournament, one can double-tap the strafe keys in order to execute a "dodge" maneuver, which is the equivalent of a short hop in the specifed direction. If you find yourself playing and suddenly darting off in a curious direction, it's because you've accidentally double-tapped your strafe keys.

Double jump

[ut2k3/action/hop] At the apex of your jump, hit the jump key again. This will give you an added boost of height. This can help you jump over charging enemies, can help you get into hard-to-reach places, jump over pits that you'd otherwise have to walk around, and can let you jump through bombing run goals that are a little too high to reach with a normal jump. Note that this applies even in low gravity, although the apex of first jump comes later. Of the special jumps available in Unreal Tournament 2003, the double jump is the maneuver you will use by far the most often. Learn it well.

Dodge jump

[ut2k3/action/sidestep2] Perform a dodge by double-tapping a strafe key, and then hit the jump key shortly after. This will give you an extra jump at the end of your dodge.

Wall jump

Run along a wall (parallel to the wall, not toward it), and then jump into it. When you touch the wall, press the jump key and the strafe key pointing away from the wall; this will let you jump off the wall, giving you an extra boost. Note that you need to hit the strafe key corresponding to the direction opposite from the wall; if the wall is to your left, for instance, jump against it and then hit the jump key and then the strafe right key, and so on. Of the special maneuvers, the wall jump is the hardest to execute reliably.

Lift jump

[ut2k3/stuff/lift] When riding up on one of the many lifts on the maps, hit the jump key right when the lift reaches its topmost position. This will allow you to perform a large jump, potentially surprising any enemies that lay in wait above you. The lift jump takes careful timing but really can provide a good spontaneous burst of energy when you're in a position that's otherwise predictable.

Shield jump

[ut2k3/action/shieldcharge] Ready your shield gun, charge up the primary fire maneuver, aim at the ground, and release; the shield will do significant damage to you but the recoil will send you up the air. Near the apex of your arc, hit the jump key, to get an additional boost.

Adrenaline codes
When your adrenaline reaches 100, you hear the "Adrenaline!" voiceover, and the adrenaline icon in the upper right corner blinks. Once this happens, one of the adrenaline codes can be entered below (F is the forward key, B is the backward key, L is the strafe left key, R is the strafe right key); enter the four codes in rapid succession and the adrenaline powerup will take effect. While active, the powerups consume your adrenaline and will stay active until the adrenaline meter reaches zero; note this means that you can prolong the effect of the powerup by collecting more adrenaline (or by gaining adrenaline through normal means, such as fragging enemies or scoring points).

FFFF: Speed

While in effect, speed causes the player moves about half again as fast. This powerup is accompanied by goldish streaks coming off the user's feet. The added boost of speed is helpful in catching up with an evader or evading a pursuer. It is particularly useful when you need to take the ball or flag back to your base, or catch up with an enemy who's doing the same.

BBBB: Booster

[ut2k3/action/boostereffect] While present, booster will regenerate 5 points of health about once a second, up to the full maximum of 199 points; when health is maxed out, your armor will regenerate at a similar rate, up to its maximum of 150. This effect is accompanied by green sparkles trailing off the user's body. The regeneration ability has a powerful advantage in a war of attrition -- if you need to press on and get the enemy flag with heavy resistance, regeneration is undeniably helpful.

RRLL: Invisibility

When active, the player is rendered nearly transparent, and is very difficult to see against a complex background. While you're invisible, your shots aren't: Be sure to use weapons that make your position harder to triangulate. Invisibility is helpful with "covert" action, for instance, when you're patrolling the enemy base and keeping the enemy base (in capture the flag or bombing run) clear so that a teammate can come in and grab the flag or bring the ball in for the goal.

FFBB: Berserk

[ut2k3/action/berserkeffect] When gained, a berserk player can fire more rapidly; the rate of fire increases by approximately 25%. The player's model is surrounded by orbiting red stripes while berserk is in effect. While the effect is not huge, the slight increase in rate of fire provides a definite advantage that can be used to rack up the frags. Berserk is useful in tight situations, usually where booster would help -- the faster you can shoot, the more enemies you can frag.

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