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Deathmatch and team deathmatch

DM-Antalus: Antalus

[ut2k3/maps/dm-antalus] A large, outdoor level.

DM-Asbestos: Asbestos

[ut2k3/maps/dm-asbestos] An indoor level.

DM-Compressed: Compressed

[ut2k3/maps/dm-compressed] A fairly small indoor level with two connected spiral structures.

DM-Curse3: Curse3

[ut2k3/maps/dm-curse3] A bland and fairly small indoor level with a dungeon motif.

DM-Flux2: Flux 2

[ut2k3/maps/dm-flux2] A cramped two-level indoor complex surrounded by icy passages.

DM-Gael: Gael

[ut2k3/maps/dm-gael] A very small indoor level with a central area.

DM-Inferno: Inferno

[ut2k3/maps/dm-inferno] A tight structure set on top of an active volcano, featuring multiple ringed passages around the central spires and very steep staircases.

DM-Insidious: Insidious

[ut2k3/maps/dm-insidious] A cramped, two-level indoor map.

DM-Leviathan: Leviathan

[ut2k3/maps/dm-leviathan] A medium-sized indoor map.

DM-Oceanic: Oceanic

[ut2k3/maps/dm-oceanic] A two-level, frantic indoor level.

DM-Phobos2: Phobos Moon 2

[ut2k3/maps/dm-phobos2] A half-indoor, half-outdoor map. The indoor section has two levels: the ground floor (visible to the sky) and a spiralling area in the structure which overlooks it. Above these is the top of the map, where gravity is low. Here there is a large structure with a sniping area at the top, as well as a hard-to-reach platform containing a Ion Painter.

DM-Plunge: Plunge

[ut2k3/maps/dm-plunge] A low gravity environment containing three towers and jumpers that send you careening between the three.

DM-Serpentine: Serpentine

[ut2k3/maps/dm-serpentine] In the single player game, this is the final championship battle with Malcolm. It consists of a ground floor with a mazelike structure, and an upper level lining the arena with a catwalk, accessible via elevators.

DM-TokaraForest: Tokara Forest

[ut2k3/maps/dm-tokaraforest] A large, foggy, low-gravity environment consisting of a maze of multilevel catwalks.

DM-TrainingDay: Training Day

[ut2k3/maps/dm-trainingday] A tiny figure-eight shaped indoor map.

Capture the flag

CTF-Chrome: Chrome

[ut2k3/maps/ctf-chrome] A medium-sized level.

CTF-Citadel: Citadel

[ut2k3/maps/ctf-citadel] A two-level, outdoor arena.

CTF-December: December

[ut2k3/maps/ctf-december] A fairly large map set in a naval station.

CTF-Face3: Facing Worlds 3

[ut2k3/maps/ctf-face3] A vary large outdoor arena with two facing towers, winding passages between them, and a pyramid-like structure in the middle. Jumpers exist that will catapult you from your base island to the center pyramid island as shortcuts.

CTF-Geothermal: Geothermal

[ut2k3/maps/ctf-geothermal] A seemingly cramped but moderately sized indoor level.

CTF-LostFaith: Lost-Faith

[ut2k3/maps/ctf-lostfaith] An indoor arena featuring tight overlapping cave passages and a bridge midway between each base, set over a fast-flowing river.

CTF-Magma: Magma

[ut2k3/maps/ctf-magma] A multilevel outdoor map set on an active volcano, with winding passages.

CTF-Maul: Maul

[ut2k3/maps/ctf-maul] A small (particularly for capture the flag) outdoor map where each flag is set at the top level of spherical structures; lightning rifles are located on the top of both.

CTF-Orbital2: Orbital2

[ut2k3/maps/ctf-orbital2] An indoor level set in a space station.

Double domination

DOM-Core: Core

[ut2k3/maps/dom-core] A simple, two level indoor base with the domination points at either end.

DOM-Outrigger: Outrigger

[ut2k3/maps/dom-outrigger] A multilevel affair with many jumpers that must be mastered to navigate around the facility effectively.

DOM-Ruination: Ruination

[ut2k3/maps/dom-ruination] An outdoor level set in the ruins of a small village. Each domination point is set behind protracted ruins.

DOM-ScorchedEarth: Scorched Earth

[ut2k3/maps/dom-scorchedearth] A fairly simple half-indoor, half-outdoor level where each domination point is located on a small platform and either can be assaulted directly (from below) or can be flanked from behind.

DOM-SepukkuGorge: Sepukku Gorge

[ut2k3/maps/dom-sepukkugorge] A large outdoor arena with blue teleport pads similar to those in Tokara Forest.

DOM-SunTemple: Sun Temple

[ut2k3/maps/dom-suntemple] A very straightforward level with a central two-level area (containing an Ion Painter on the bottom) which splits off to each domination point which can only be assaulted directly or from the side via the upper level.

Bombing run

BR-Anubis: Temple of Anubis

[ut2k3/maps/br-anubis] Each goal is located inside a temple, and the bomb starts in a central area. Flanking each side of the central area are outdoor areas with gentle hills that contain superweapons and super shield packs.

BR-Bifrost: Bifrost Bases

[ut2k3/maps/br-bifrost] A medium-sized map, set on an icy world. Each base consists of a two-level affair that can either be approached directly through the complex or indirectly by circling around the snow-covered outdoor area and then dropping down.

BR-Disclosure: Disclosure

[ut2k3/maps/br-disclosure] Each base consists of a two-level area, with the goal on the lower level containing a fan that assures instant death if you jump through.

BR-IceFields: Ice Fields

[ut2k3/maps/br-icefields] A huge map with a zig-zag structure consisting of restricted valleys, where each side must assault the other's goal by a long, last leg.

BR-Skyline: Skyline

[ut2k3/maps/br-skyline] Skyline is a low-gravity level set at the top levels of three skyscrapers under construction.

BR-Slaughterhouse: Slaughterhouse

[ut2k3/maps/br-slaughterhouse] A large and complex indoor arena featuring many side passages.

BR-TwinTombs: Twin Tombs

[ut2k3/maps/br-twintombs] A medium-sized, half-indoor, half-outdoor arena.

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