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[rtcw/meta/main] Nerve's multiplayer component to the long-awaited 2001 sequel to the classic Wolfenstein 3D game was a breath of fresh air in the gaming world. It took standard first person shooter elements, and added default friendly fire, classes, objective-based play, reinforcement periods, and the ability of medics to revive fallen comrades. All of these elements appear in other games to some extent, but never all together and in such a well-executed, coherent whole. Return to Castle Wolfenstein was an instant and solid hit in the multiplayer gaming community.

Types >>>

A view of the different game types.

Classes >>>

An examination of the different player classes.

Weapons >>>

The instruments of war.

Equipment >>>

The tools of the trade.

Maps >>>

An overview of the maps: both the standard maps and the add-on maps.

Tips >>>

Tips for playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Etiquette >>>

How to be play and be welcomed back.

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