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Understand the objectives you must accomplish

[rtcw/action/dynamiteexplosion] It's important to know the map that you're in and what your team needs to get done. Just as knowing the ins and outs of the maps you're playing on can't be overlooked, knowing what your team has to accomplish and in what order is required for your team to succeed. Make sure you understand what your team is supposed to be doing and when.

Maintain a good balance of classes

Each of the classes is important in their own way, although in some circumstances some are more important than others. Your team isn't going to get anywhere if there are objectives that need to be dynamited and you don't have any engineers. Choose a class that helps complement those that are already in play. And as objectives are accomplished, it sometimes makes sense to switch -- if no more dynamiting objectives remain, perhaps you'd be more useful as a lieutenant or medic rather than an engineer.

Reassess strategies as the objectives are completed

As play progresses on a map, the "front lines" shift back and forth between the different sides. It's important to not only be aware of what you're doing in your corner of the map, but also to be conscious of the global state of play. As objectives are accomplished or checkpoints are taken, it's vital to refocus your attention on what needs to be done next. For instance, on mp_beach, it doesn't do the Axis any good to be covering the beach with an MG42 when the Allies have already breached the sea wall and are trying to transmit the documents.

Play to your classes' strengths

[rtcw/equipment/airstrikemarker] Since Return to Castle Wolfenstein supports classes, it's important that you play the role of the class that you've selected. If you're an engineer, your top priority should be planting and defusing dynamite; if a medic, then healing and reviving your teammates should be your overriding concern; and if a lieutenant, then restocking your teammates with ammunition and providing strategic fire is your job. If you're new to the game or don't particularly feel like fulfilling any role, then selecting the soldier is probably best; that way you'll have a wider selection of weapons and your teammates won't be expecting you to roleplay.

Conserve ammunition

[rtcw/hud/ammo] Ammunition is an important commodity in the game, so expend your ammo wisely. If you run out, you'll need a lieutenant to drop down some ammunition packs for you or otherwise you'll have to fend for yourself with a pistol or -- when that runs out -- a knife. Make sure that lieutenants are nearby so you can keep yourself stocked up on ammunition. Of course, if you're a solitary lieutenant, ammunition is really no problem.

Use stamina wisely

[rtcw/hud/health] You can get a little boost of speed by sprinting, which uses stamina. Stamina slowly regenerates over time but is consumed when you sprint, or when you jump. Stamina is a powerful tool since it can make you a harder target when you're moving between cover, but make sure you use it wisely or you won't have it when you need it the most. Stamina helps you gain that extra burst of speed right when you need it, so make sure you use it only when you need it.

Support your teammates

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a true team-oriented game, so you need to be a team player if you want your team to succeed. Always provide support for your teammates, both in terms of cover and assistance.

Medics, medics, medics

[rtcw/equipment/needle] Medics are really the backbone of any team, but unfortunately most players would prefer not to be medics, and even those that do often do not play the class to the full extent that they should. Medics can not only heal teammates, but can even revive fallen comrades -- possibly the most powerful skill in the entire game. The more medics on your team, the better.

Wait for lulls to heal and rearm

[rtcw/action/firing] Lulls in the fighting are the times when medics and lieutenants should be healing and rearming their teammates, while the others provide cover. In the thick of things, lulls don't come all that often, so take advantage of them when you get them.

Move in small squads

Just as in real combat, you're best moving in small squads with a diversity of classes. A squad consisting of an engineer, a medic, a lieutenant -- and possibly a soldier for muscle -- is a force to be reckoned with, especially when the players are really playing to their strengths. Such a squad can dynamite any objectives it encounters, and can rearm, heal, and even revive itself as it goes. Above all, of course, moving in tight squads allows for teammates to cover each other.

Go straight into limbo when no medics are nearby

[rtcw/hud/limbo] When you know there are no medics nearby, go ahead and hop back into limbo as soon as possible so that you can get in the reinforcement queue promptly. It's important to allow medics to revive you when they're available, since it means that you do not have to start all the way back at the spawn point, but at the same time it's important to be aware of the case when none are around. There's not much more frustrating than missing a reinforcement cycle because you were waiting to be revived by a medic when none were around.

Cover engineers while they are planting or defusing

[rtcw/action/armingdynamite] When the map objectives calls for engineers, the focus of attention should be on them; you simply cannot win the game without competent engineers doing their jobs. Engineers are essential for destroying the objective, or simply opening up more avenues of attack. If you're an engineer, do everything in your power to further your team's objectives either by planting appropriately or disarming the enemy's dynamite; if you're not an engineer, then your attention should be on assisting your team's engineers and defeating those on the other team. When there's a job to do, your engineers need to do it, so help them any way you can.

Don't drop health or ammo packs where enemies can get them

[rtcw/equipment/healthpack] Health and ammo packs -- dropped by medics and lieutenants, respectively -- will aid the enemy as much as your own team. Thus, it's best to drop them only where your teammates can get them, and only when they need them. Wasted pack creation not only depletes your power bar, but also can even be exploited by the enemy.

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