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Unless otherwise noted, the maps come in both objective (MP) and checkpoint (CP) varieties; all objective maps are also stopwatch (SW) maps.
First map pack

mp_trenchtoast: Trench Toast

[rtcw/maps/mp_trenchtoast] CP only. Trench Toast is a fairly straightforward checkpoint map, but is very large. It consists mostly of trench warfare with checkpoints in between, but there are a few checkpoints above the surface of the trenches, as well as one on either side that are in effective behind the starting positions of each player. There is also a killing field with a tank spill in the center of the arena. Here and there are a few towers that can serve as forward guard positions.

Game of the Year edition

mp_chateau: Chateau

[rtcw/maps/mp_chateau] MP only. The Axis are using a chateau as a base, and the Allies must breach the chateau, retrieve the war documents, and bring them to the transmitter. Also available is a secondary objective for the Allies of capturing the staircase which will allow for forward deployment.

mp_dam: The Damned

[rtcw/maps/mp_dam] The Allies must blow an Axis-controlled dam in order to flood a German military installation downstream. To do this they need to destroy a water regulator, and to access this they need to breach the service halls. Included is a capture point that will provide quicker spawn access, as well as three other destructible passages for a quicker route to the regulator.

mp_keep: Keep

[rtcw/maps/mp_keep] MP only. The Axis are holding an sacred obelisk inside a keep, and the Allies must retrieve it before it can be put to use. The Allies must breach the keep, retrieve the obelisk from the roof of the keep, and then bring the obelisk back to an Allied truck that is located across from the keep.

mp_ice: Ice

[rtcw/maps/mp_ice] This is the first MP map where Axis is on the offensive and Allied is the defending team. The Axis players must retrieve the Allied war documents and bring them to a radio tower; the Allies must prevent them. In order to assist their goals, the Axis can dynamite two other points which will provide easier access, as well as a capture point that will allow them forward deployment.

mp_rocket: Rocket

[rtcw/maps/mp_rocket] MP only. A huge map, where the Allies must prevent the launch of an Axis V2 rocket. To do this they must retrieve the launch key, and take it to the override console. To reach the various areas, there are two secondary objectives involving dynamiting an access path and capturing a cave for a closer respawn point.

mp_tram: Tram Siege

[rtcw/maps/mp_tram] MP only. The Allies start at the bottom of a winding mountain; the Axis are at the top, and a tram connects the two, with a central tower between them. Two cars alternate back and forth with a small delay the whole time. The Allies must penetrate the uppermost building by dynamiting some passages, retrieve some documents, and then take them to the radio room in order to achieve their primary objectives.

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