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These are the standard maps that ship with Return to Wolfenstein Classic. Unless otherwise noted, the maps come in both objective (MP) and checkpoint (CP) varieties; all objective maps are also stopwatch (SW) maps.

mp_assault: Assault

[rtcw/maps/mp_assault] Axis and Allies start on opposite sides of a long narrow structure; Axis must break through the Allied lines and detonate radio towers on the Allies side. To do this they either need to go through a large easily defended wall with a guard tower, or by using engineers, can dynamite their way through an underground passage which resurfaces right at the base of the radio towers.

mp_base: Communique

[rtcw/maps/mp_base] This is a fairly straightforward map; the Axis are guarding two radar control centers, and the Allies must destroy them both. They are both on the high level, one around the other side of a bridge of another. The main entryway is through a movable gate which can be opened and closed on either side.

mp_beach: Beach Invasion

[rtcw/maps/mp_beach] MP only. This is the map that shipped with the multiplayer demo; the Allies start on the beachhead; Axis is dug in inside a defensible complex. The Allies must storm the beach, enter the complex, retrieve the war plans in the lower level and take them to the radio transmitter in the upper facility. There are two locations on either side of the sea wall that the Allies can dynamite to get in, and near the leftward side is a checkpoint the Allies can take and hold in order to respawn there instead of on the beach.

mp_castle: Castle

[rtcw/maps/mp_castle] Allies must make their way to a closed coffin in the center of the destroyed courtyard, dynamite it, collect a sacred obelisk from inside and then carry it back to the escape tunnel at their spawn point. They have two secondary objectives; both involve dynamiting passages to make access to the courtyard (and access back) easier.

mp_depot: Depot

[rtcw/maps/mp_depot] Allied start at the other side of a disused train depot; Axis starts above the depot warehouse near some antiaircraft emplacements. The Allies must penetrate the defenses and destroy the guns. They can either go the direct route, through some opened trains and on into the lower area, or take a side route (with a checkpoint) that goes up through one of the buildings and empties out directly to the side of the target guns.

mp_destruction: Destruction

[rtcw/maps/mp_destruction] CP only. Allies and Axis start at opposite sides of a shattered city; checkpoints exist in between. Along the way there are a few side passages that serve as shortcuts, but for the most part it is a straightforward, linear affair.

mp_sub: Das Boot

[rtcw/maps/mp_sub] This is a large map, but fairly straightforward: Smack dab in the middle is a German U-boat, which must be destroyed by the Allies. There are two secondary objectives, one consisting of the central access room, and the second is a quicker path to the submarine.

mp_village: Village

[rtcw/maps/mp_village] Allied forces are attempting to retrieve gold held in a village occupied by the Axis. There are two primary ways to the objective; one is the frontal assault through the courtyard (and faced down by MG42 machine guns), and the other is a back way through the wine cellar. Allies must dynamite the building holding the gold, retrieve it, and take it back to a waiting truck near their spawn. A secondary objective is a checkpoint in the northwest courtyard.

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