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MP: Objective

[rtcw/hud/objectives] In the standard multiplayer mode, there are a set of objectives and both sides must strive to achieve them. One team is on the offensive (usually the Allies); the other team (the Axis) must stop them from accomplishing their objectives. Often there are secondary (optional) objectives, although if the offensive team accomplishes them this will often make their primary objective easier (either by providing another access path or by allowing them to respawn closer to their goal). When the offensive team accomplishes its primary objectives, they win; however, when the defensive team stops them and time runs out, the victory is theirs.

SW: Stopwatch

[rtcw/maps/mp_beach] Stopwatch mode is an interesting variation on the standard objective mode; as before, one side must complete its objective; when they succeed, the teams are swapped -- with the Allies playing as Axis and the Axis playing as Allies -- and now the other team must beat their time.

CP: Checkpoint

[rtcw/stuff/checkpointallied] These maps consist of a series of checkpoints, which appear as flags. To begin, all checkpoints are neutral; when touched by a player from one side, they switch to that player's insignia. When all checkpoints are owned by the same team, that team wins.

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