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Class-specific equipment

Dynamite (Engineer)

[rtcw/equipment/dynamite] Dynamite is held by engineers. Engineers have unlimited numbers of dynamite bombs, but they need to wait to plant them until their power bar is almost completely full. Dynamites, of course, create a big explosion (which will kill all units nearby), but their primary purpose is that the magnitude of the explosion is sufficient to destroy objectives, including barricades and the primary objectives themselves (when the primary objective is blowing something up). To be detonated, dynamite must be planted; at this point, it has a yellowish glow to it which slowly fades over time (when the glow completely fades, the dynamite disappears and must be replanted). After planting, it must be armed with the engineer's tool; note that either team can arm the dynamite. After arming, the glow changes to red, and rhythmically pulses, with the pulses growing faster and faster as the timer ticks down. When the blinking starts getting fast, be far away.

Tool (Engineer)

[rtcw/equipment/tool] The engineer's tool serves two chief purposes: To both arm and defuse dynamite. When dropped, dynamite must be armed before it will start ticking down to detonation (for convenience, after dropping dynamite, the engineer automatically switches to the tool). Once armed and ticking, it can similarly be defused by the enemy. Defused dynamite disappears; defused dynamite must be replanted. Note that it takes longer to defuse dynamite than it does to plant it. Additionally, the tool can be used to fix the static MG42 gun emplacements when they are damaged. Disarming dynamite and repairing MG42s requires some power, which is deducted slowly from the power bar while in progress. Dealing with dynamite is the primary (and essential) purpose of the tool; you'll occasionally finding yourself repairing gun emplacements, but it doesn't happen often.

Health pack (Medic)

[rtcw/equipment/healthpack] Medics can drop down health packs, which increase the health of whoever picks them up -- friend or foe. Dropping down health packs takes about a third of the power bar. The most immediate and obvious responsibility of the medic is to drop down health packs; always be at the ready to heal your teammates or you'll go down with them.

Needle (Medic)

[rtcw/equipment/needle] Perhaps the most important -- but unfortunately often the least exploited -- skill that medics have is to revive their fallen teammates. When a player's health is reduced to zero (but he is not completely pulverized in an explosion), his body remains on the ground. In this state, a medic can revive him with the needle. By default medics start with ten needles. Once a fallen player goes into "limbo" mode, their gun is dropped and they go back into the reinforcements list; at this point they cannot be revived. A medic who isn't making an active effort to revive his teammates isn't doing his job.

Ammunition pack (Lieutenant)

[rtcw/equipment/ammopack] The mainstay of the lieutenant's abilities is to drop down ammunition packs. These can be picked up by all soldiers. Ammunition packs will restock whatever weapons the player who picks them up has; they can also be picked up by enemy forces just the same as friendlies. Some classes in particular -- most notably medics and engineers -- start out with relatively little general ammunition to begin with, so lieutenants need to be especially adept at rearming their teammates.

Smoke grenade/Airstrike (Lieutenant)

[rtcw/equipment/airstrikemarker] Lieutenants can call in an airstrike with their smoke grenade. The grenade itself does no damage, but leaves a multicolored smoke trail behind it, making its use very distinctive. Shortly thereafter, if the area the grenade lands in is exposed to the air, an airstrike will come in, somewhat resembling napalm: It is a series of tight explosions arranged in a line, but oriented in a random direction. Throwing a smoke grenade takes half of a lieutenant's power bar, but when timed right, an airstrike can be devastating.

Binoculars/Tank barrage (Lieutenant)

[rtcw/equipment/binoculars] Lieutenants can call in a tank barrage by using their binoculars (hold down the binoculars key and hit the fire button in order to paint the target). Tank barrages must be exposed to the open air -- it won't work indoors. After called in, a spray of smoke will appear in the area, and afterwards, for about ten seconds total, a random tank barrage will strike the nearby area every few seconds. Tank barrages are indiscriminate, but they can do a good job of denying the enemy access to a crucial chokepoint for a crucial but brief period. Calling in a tank barrage requires all of your power, so use it wisely.

Map features

MG42 gun emplacement

[rtcw/stuff/mg42] The MG42 is a gun emplacement which cannot be moved, but players (of any team) can use it. Walk up close to the gun and hit the use key; you will then be looking down its sights and can fire at the enemy. Movement sensitivity is greatly reduced when looking down the barrel, so it takes a little getting used to. The MG42 can spray out an unlimited supply of bullets, but it is not terribly accurate, particularly at range; additionally, the muzzle flash partially obscures the firer's vision, so it can be somewhat difficult to keep a bead on a distant target. Finally, an MG42 can be destroyed by grenade or dynamite explosions (although not by bullets from rifles or handguns); it can be repaired by engineers (of either team) with the engineer's tool. Gun emplacements are good for holding the line, but when the line gets breached, pull back. Also, manning the machine gun makes you an easy target for snipers.


Some missions involve retrieving documents and taking them to another location. The player currently holding the documents has an exclamation point icon appear above his head; when killed, he will drop the documents where he stood, and a teammate can "pick up" the documents. When a friendly touches the misplaced documents, they immediately revert back to their initial location; they need not be walked all the way back. Get the documents, or provide cover for your teammate that does.

Bomb targets

[rtcw/maps/mp_sub] Some missions involve blowing up a target; this is done with dynamite, which engineers must plant and arm. Once the primary objective is destroyed, the attacking team wins. Plant the bomb near the target, or provide cover for your teammate that does.

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