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alesserfate: A Lesser Fate

[avp2/maps/alesserfate] An outdoor map.

auriga: Auriga

[avp2/maps/auriga] An indoor, two-level map.

bunker: Bunker

[avp2/maps/bunker] A fairly small indoor map containing two main areas.

colony: Colony

[avp2/maps/colony] A combination outdoor/indoor map, with the indoor region transformed by Aliens.

compound: Compound

[avp2/maps/compound] An outdoor map consisting of a ring of huts surrounded by a fence.

depot: Depot

[avp2/maps/depot] An mostly outdoor map with some small underground passages.

leadworks: Leadworks

[avp2/maps/leadworks] A two-level indoor map with deadly pools of lava on the top floor.

lucifer'sfate: Lucifer's Fate

[avp2/maps/lucifersfate] An outdoor, two-level map with catwalks and platforms on the top level.

outpost4: Outpost Four

[avp2/maps/outpost4] A half-indoor, half-outdoor map.

quarantine: Quarantine

[avp2/maps/quarantine] A two level map of a medical complex.

reservoir: Reservoir

[avp2/maps/reservoir] A cramped, indoor map.

verloc: Verloc

[avp2/maps/verloc] An indoor, multilevel map (with an upper catwalk) with a dropship in a hangar.

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